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    CUHL Playoff Schedules Posted

    Hello CUHL Club Leaders,

    The Playoff Schedules have been posted to the website and changes can not be made at this point.  A couple of reminders:

    • Playoff games must have a winner. Three round shootout will be extended to sudden death if necessary.
    • Playoff scores are to be submitted immediately via text to Jordan Mann at 847-840-5447.  Include  date, time, location, playing level, teams, score and regulation/shootout.  HOST SITE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR SUBMITTING THESE SCORES.
    • Playoff Rules are below.

    We all love Playoff hockey.  Excitement is high which can sometimes bring out bad behavior. We ask that you treat everyone involved with respect, especially:

    • Your coach who has nurtured and taught your children all season.
    • The referee who is making $30 while learning how to be a good ref.  How would you want your son/daughter to be treated?
    • The facilities (and their rules) that provide us with the ice time.
    • The game of hockey that we want our children to love.
    • No one want to remove a spectator and no spectator wants to explain to their child why they were asked to leave the rink. 

    Best of Luck.  Let's enjoy the moment!!

    The CUHL Board of Directors

    Countdown to Super Sunday - CUHL Travel Division Finals


    Super Sunday Travel Finals - March 1

    Division Time Location Home Team Score Visiting Team Score
    D3 Price (Lower) 8:25 AM Northbrook - Rink A Winnetka Jr. Warriors #4 Wilmette Tribe #3
    D3 Marner (Middle) 9:45 AM Northbrook - Rink A Glenview Jr. Stars #3 Crystal Lake Stingers #2
    D3 MacKinnon (Upper Middle) 10:00 AM Northbrook - Rink B Chicago Jr. Blues #3 Naperville Jr. Sabres #4
    D3 McDavid (Upper) 11:05 AM Northbrook - Rink A Wilmette Tribe #1 Junior Chargers #4
    D2 Toews (Lower) 11:20 AM Northbrook - Rink B Winnetka Jr. Warriors #2 Madison Mitey Badgers #1
    D2 Kane (Middle) 12:25 PM Northbrook - Rink A Winter Club of Lake Forest #1 Rockford Jr. Ice Hogs #2
    D2 Crosby (Upper) 12:40 PM Northbrook - Rink B Northbrook Jr. Spartans #1 Crystal Lake Stingers #1
    D1 Matthews (Lower) 1:45 PM Northbrook - Rink A Naperville Jr. Sabres #1 Wisconsin Jets #1
    D1 Ovechkin (Upper) 2:00 PM Northbrook - Rink B Romeoville Jr. Huskies #1 Junior Falcons #1

    Super Saturday House Finals - March 7

    Division Time Location Home Team Score Visiting Team Score
    House Mikita Silver Tier 2 1:00 PM Twin Rinks - Blue Rink High Seed Low Seed
    House Mikita Silver Tier 1 2:20 PM Twin Rinks - Blue Rink High Seed Low Seed
    House Hull Gold 3:40 PM Twin Rinks - Blue Rink High Seed Low Seed

    Player Movement Rule Clarification

    Goaltenders: Teams MAY use a SKATER from another team in their organization as their goalie for the playoffs as we have done all year. In no circumstance may a goalie from a higher level team be used on a lower team. A goalie from a lower team MAY ONLY BE USED IN THE CASE OF A MEDICAL EMERGENCY and must receive approval of the competition committee BEFORE the game.

    Player Movement: Players may only play for their rostered teams in the playoffs.

    Note Regarding "Double Rostered" Players


    We are aware that there may be some CUHL players double rostered on AAU "Tournament Teams".  As per the CUHL bylaws, this is not allowed.


    If a player is found to be on two AAU rosters during the Regular Season 10/26/19-3/1/20 the offending club shall forfeit all games that the player played in, the club shall be ineligible for playoffs and the offending player/club shall have to go to CUHL R&E and the player is suspended from all CUHL games per ruling of CUHL R&E


    Clubs, it is in your best interest to do some investigation of your membership BEFORE regular season games begin. We only want to ensure that all clubs are in compliance with the CUHL rules. We appreciate your cooperation.

    Letter To The CUHL Membership

    Dear CUHL Representatives,

    We ask that you pass this along to all of the families and coaches in your program.

    Over the past few weeks, we have had a number incidents during CUHL games that go against our league's mission and zero tolerance. These violations include players on the ice, parents in the stands and coaches' unacceptable treatment of our referees.

    Over the summer the board of CUHL revamped our referee scheduling systems and brought in new schedulers who had a sense of ownership and developed a good group of young referees. We are extremely pleased with the job our assigners, and referees, have done.

    The majority of our referees are high school aged kids. They are learning just as your children are learning. We, as a league, want to provide the best environment for these referees to develop and become more confident in their role. They will make mistakes. You will disagree with their calls. It is OK to disagree with those calls, but we ask that you NOT yell your opinions at these kids. First, you will not change the decision. Second, you don’t want to be the people in the video here.

    For an interesting article examining this subject, please click here.

    Thank you and let’s make the last seven weeks of the season FUN for the kids!

    CUHL Board of Directors

    CUHL Ref Assignors Hold New Years Eve Ref Clinic

    Monday, December 31, CUHL ref assignors ran a FREE Ref clinic at the Orbit Ice Arena in Palatine.

    The day started at 9am with classroom information, and then the refs jumped on the ice at 10:10am for a mite scrimmage game. Every stoppage of play two new refs got on ice to get some practice in. Bob MacPherson was on the ice mentoring, and Michael Wagner provided feedback to the refs as they came off the ice. The refs worked the full game, as well as a shootout to prepare for CUHL rules. After the game, the refs hit the classroom for another hour of talks and a Q&A session.

    There was nothing but very positive feedback from the 11 guys and 1 girl that attended the day.

    The CUHL thanks Bob and Michael for their tireless work, and thanks all the new officials that are starting their career in the CUHL.

    Look for more free Ref Clinics to come!

    Prospective Member Clubs

    Please send your request for a club application to President Tom Gullen.

    In order to be considered for league membership in the following season, clubs must apply before May 15 of the spring prior to desired admission (May 15 of 2020 for consideration for 2020-2021 season).

    Tom Gullen


    Our Mission

    Our Mission is to create an atmosphere in which players support and respect one another while never compromising the rules of the game. To encourage and expect our players and parents to respect their opponent, coaches, managers, Board members, and officials. To exhibit good sportsmanship, discipline, teamwork and fair play.


    Our league is dependent upon the commitment and dedication of our many volunteers, which are expected to deal with one another with courtesy and mutual respect and make the game of hockey fun for all participants. To ensure that our players not only learn hockey skills but life skills that will help them be model citizens within our communities.



    To file a Game Incident Report, please send a detailed write-up (including date, location, level, teams, etc.) to:

    Tim Mueller

    Referee Liaison