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2018-19 Referee Notice

August 17, 2018

CUHL League Members,

We would like to take the time and opportunity to introduce the new referee scheduling system in place for the 2018-2019 CUHL season.  Four (4) assignors will handle all the scheduling for all the teams in the CUHL.  Every program is divided among the four (4) assignors and each will be accessible to all programs in case of an emergency issues.  Email address to all assigners is: New officials for 18-19 should email the assigners with their name, AAU number, and information to get on the contact list.

We are asking that all programs reach out to their Bantam and Midget aged players offering them the opportunity to register with AAU in order to officiate the CUHL Mite games.  Registration can be done on this link:  and the fee is $17 and will be refunded to the referee once they officiated five (5) games.  Since most higher-age level players will be skating at the same facility, it only makes sense that we give them the first consideration when it comes to assigning games.  Referees will be paid $30 for each game.

Thank you for your time and we are all looking forward to a great 18-19 season.


Bob MacPherson

Mike Wagner

Keith Varkalis

Steve Deinzer 

AAU Referee Instructions

AAU Membership Requirement: Just as with other organizations (such as USAH), referees must be registered and insured within the appropriate organization, in order to officiate within those games. In this same manner, referees officiating AAU games must be possess a current AAU membership, which in term provides the individual with insurance while working AAU sanctioned events. Please note that USA Hockey membership as an official will not provide insurance benefits for AAU sanctioned events and vice versa.


Eligibility Note: Upon completion of the AAU online registration process, referees immediately have all benefits of AAU membership, including insurance coverage and are thereby eligible to officiate during AAU sanctioned events. This process may even be complete on a laptop computer immediately prior to a game. Please find AAU registration instructions below. If a referee does not already possess a current AAU membership then registration is simple online at;   Referees should register as Non Athlete and when they are asked for a Club code please use WY6B66. This is the number for Chicago United Hockey League 2018-19 season. If you are already a member, email and ask to be affiliated with WY6B66. This will make it easier for teams and tournament operators to locate AAU member referees.


AAU Ice Hockey Referee Registration Flow-chart:

1. Referees go to;

2. Select Non-Athlete Membership

3. Create a user Name & Password (or Log-In if you already have one)

4. Fill in the required information (make sure; youth sport, hockey and non-athlete extended for $17. Make sure to use the Club number WY6B66 for 2018-19 )

5. Continue & save

6. Checkout

7. Email the CUHL ref assigners at with your name, AAU number, and information to get on the contact list

If you don't complete the entire process but do get through one of the “continue & save” points, don't simply log-in when you return. Instead, select Go to My Account at the top of the page. This will preserve everything that you've already done.


Independent Contractor Status: Please note that hockey referees are independent contractors. They are not employed by or agents of either AAU, the Chicago United Hockey League (CUHL) or any member Clubs’ or their respective Referee Schedulers (including CUHL Assigners). Referees may work games across organizations and for USA Hockey affiliates too, if they so choose. CUHL’s member Clubs, acting through Referee Schedulers (including CUHL Assigners), make referee assignments as an accommodation to CUHL and its member Clubs. Referee Schedulers receive a fee for doing so. CUHL provides a website that lists games available to referee. Referees may use that site to search for available CUHL games for no fee.


Legal Issues: USA Hockey and its affiliates may not attempt to coerce, interfere with or take reprisals against any referee choosing to work AAU sanctioned events. On the contrary, USA Hockey is obligated under its National Governing Body status (NGB), granted by the US Olympic Committee to provide education, training, certification and support to referees throughout youth hockey, regardless of what organizations they may choose to work for. Further, any attempt to coerce referees to not work AAU sanctioned events, for the purpose of maintaining a competitive advantage to USA Hockey and its affiliates over other organizations, would be an unlawful restraint of trade (which is a felony under the Sherman Antitrust Act). Any referee and/or referee scheduler who believes that they have been, or are being coerced by officials from USA Hockey and/or its affiliates should report any such unlawful activities to the US Olympic Committee and also to the appropriate law enforcement authorities (such as the US-DOJ).

Quick Reference Rules:

League-Specific Rules:

-Icing the puck is allowed during a penalty kill

- Slap shots are permitted

- Immediate offsides is called (no tag-up)

- Black 6oz puck is to be used for games

Game Timing:

D1 and D2 - 12:00 periods, 2:00 minor penalties

D3 and House - 11:00 periods, 1:30 minor penalties

Tie after regulation:

3 round shootout. If no winner, then game ends in a tie.



To file a Game Incident Report, please send a detailed write-up (including date, location, level, teams, etc.) to:

Tim Mueller

Referee Liaison