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CUHL House Super Saturday Championship Games

Day / Date Division Rink Time Home Team Score Visiting Team Score
Saturday March 10 House Worsley Lower Twin Rinks - Blue 1:00 PM PP Eagles H3 5 Pilots H3 1
Saturday March 10 House Mikita Middle Twin Rinks - Blue 2:25 PM PP Eagles H5 6 PP Eagles H1 4
Saturday March 10 House Esposito Upper Twin Rinks - Blue 3:50 PM Sharks H1 5 MP Patriots H2 8

CUHL Travel Super Sunday Championship Games

Day / Date Division Rink Time Home Team Score Visiting Team Score
Sunday March 4 D3 Savard Lower Northbrook - A 8:25 AM Jr. Chargers #4 4 Jr. Falcons #4 1
Sunday March 4 D3 Lemieux Middle Northbrook - B 9:10 AM Jr. Express #2 4 Coyotes #2 2
Sunday March 4 D3 Forsberg Upper Northbrook - A 9:50 AM Jr. Blues #3 4 Spitfires #3 2
Sunday March 4 D2 Plante Middle Northbrook - B 11:10 AM Jr. Sabres #3 2 Avalanche #3 4
Sunday March 4 D2 Bossy Lower Northbrook - A 11:15 AM Jr. Falcons #3 7 Winter Club #1 5
Sunday March 4 D1 Gretzky Lower Northbrook - B 12:30 PM PP Eagles #1 8 Avalanche #2 0
Sunday March 4 D2 Howe Upper Northbrook - A 12:40 PM Jr. Wildkits #1 3 Jr. Sabres #2 2
Sunday March 4 D1 Hull Upper Northbrook - B 1:50 PM Jr. Falcons #1 6 Jr. Blues #1 2
Sunday March 4 D1 Orr Middle Northbrook - A 2:00 PM Jr. Spartans #1 10 Stingers #1 2

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    Our Mission

    Our Mission is to create an atmosphere in which players support and respect one another while never compromising the rules of the game. To encourage and expect our players and parents to respect their opponent, coaches, managers, Board members, and officials. To exhibit good sportsmanship, discipline, teamwork and fair play.


    Our league is dependent upon the commitment and dedication of our many volunteers, which are expected to deal with one another with courtesy and mutual respect and make the game of hockey fun for all participants. To ensure that our players not only learn hockey skills but life skills that will help them be model citizens within our communities.



    To file a Game Incident Report, please send a detailed write-up (including date, location, level, teams, etc.) to:

    Tim Mueller

    Referee Liaison